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Bensalem Library is a public library located in the heart of Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania. The library is a hub for knowledge and information for the people living in and around the Bensalem area. It has an extensive collection of books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, and digital resources that cater to the educational and recreational needs of the community. The library’s mission is to provide access to information, resources, and services that promote personal and community growth.

History Of Bensalem Library:

The Bensalem Library was established in 1959 and was housed in the basement of the township building. Over the years, it expanded and moved to a new building in 1976, which was later renovated in 2015. The new building is spacious and modern, with state-of-the-art facilities, making it a comfortable and welcoming environment for library users.


Bensalem Library offers a wide range of services that cater to the needs of the community. It has a vast collection of books, including fiction, non fiction, and reference materials. It also has an extensive collection of digital resources, including e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines, that are accessible to library members.

bensalem library

The library has a dedicated children’s section that offers a wide range of books, educational games, and activities that are designed to promote early literacy. The children’s section also hosts regular storytime events and educational programs that are aimed at children of all ages.

The library also offers a range of programs and events for adults, including book clubs, writing workshops, and author talks. It also provides computer and internet access, printing, and scanning services for its members.

Personal Experience By Gerald:

I have been a member of the Bensalem Library for over five years, and I must say that it has been an amazing experience. The library has been an invaluable resource for me, both personally and professionally. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help me find the information I need.

I remember when I was working on my thesis project for my graduate program, and I needed some specific reference materials. The librarians at Bensalem Library were able to help me find the exact books and articles that I needed, which saved me a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, I also enjoy attending the library’s various events and programs. The author talks are always informative, and the book clubs are a great way to connect with other book lovers in the community. The library’s online resources have also been helpful, especially during the pandemic when physical access to the library was restricted.


In conclusion, the Bensalem Library is an essential resource for the community, providing access to information, resources, and services that promote personal and community growth. It has a long and rich history, and the current modern building is a testament to the library’s commitment to its mission.

The library’s extensive collection of books, digital resources, and programs cater to the educational and recreational needs of the community, and the staff is always willing to help and provide assistance. If you’re in the Bensalem area, I highly recommend checking out the Bensalem Library and becoming a member to take advantage of its many benefits.

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