Hennepin County Library: A Century of Empowering Communities Through Accessible Learning And Resources

Exploring the Rich History and Innovative Offerings of Minnesota's Premier Public Library System


Public libraries are an essential resource for communities, offering access to books, multimedia resources, and other educational and cultural programs. One such public library is the Hennepin County Library (HCL), located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1922, HCL has been a vital part of the Hennepin County community for almost a century. In this article, we will explore the history, services, and resources of HC Library in detail.

History of Hennepin County Library

HCL’s history dates back to 1885 when the Minneapolis Public Library (MPL) was established. The library system underwent several mergers and changes over the years, and in 2008, it became the Hennepin County Library. Today, HCL is a network of 41 libraries that serve more than 1.2 million residents in Hennepin County.

Services and Resources

HCL offers a wide range of services and resources to its patrons, including:

  1. Books, e-books, and audiobooks: HCL has an extensive collection of books, e-books, and audiobooks, covering various genres and subjects. Patrons can access these resources online or by visiting one of the libraries.Hennepin county library
  2. Movies and music: HCL’s collection also includes DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs, with the latest releases and classics. Patrons can borrow these resources or stream them online using Hoopla, Kanopy, or other streaming services.
  3. Computers and Wi-Fi: HCL provides free access to computers, Wi-Fi, and other technology resources at all libraries. Patrons can use these resources to access the internet, work on their projects, or attend virtual events.
  4. Programs and events: HCL offers a wide range of programs and events for patrons of all ages, including storytime for kids, book clubs for adults, and technology classes for seniors. These programs and events are designed to educate, entertain, and engage the community.
  5. Research and reference services: HCL’s reference librarians are available to assist patrons with research, homework help, and other information needs. Patrons can access databases, journals, and other resources online or in person.
  6. Interlibrary loan: HCL’s interlibrary loan service allows patrons to borrow books and other resources from libraries outside of Hennepin County. Patrons can request items online or at any library.

HCL also offers a wide range of online resources and services, including:

  1. Digital library: HCL’s digital library includes e-books, audiobooks, movies, music, and other digital resources that patrons can access 24/7 using their library card.
  2. Online databases: HCL provides access to various online databases, including academic journals, genealogy resources, and language learning tools.
  3. Online learning: HCL offers online learning resources for patrons of all ages, including, a platform for learning new skills and software, and, a service for homework help and test preparation.
  4. Virtual events and programs: HCL offers a variety of virtual events and programs, including author talks, book clubs, and online storytime for kids.


The HC Library is an invaluable resource for the residents of Hennepin County, providing access to a wealth of resources, services, and programs. Whether you’re looking for a good book to read, research assistance, or a technology resource, HCL has something to offer. By embracing new technology, HCL continues to provide its patrons with excellent resources and services, making it one of the best public libraries in the United States.

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